Jack-Knife: Los Angeles Hardcore Band Teases Debut EP via “Just Kickin’ It” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Oscar Rodriguez

Drawing influence from mid-to-late '00s hardcore in the spirit of The Rival Mob and Outbreak, meet Jack-Knife.

Like fellow hardcore unit More to Pride, the quintet proudly hails from Lynwood, a small city located in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, Jack-Knife dropped a 2-track promo to set up their forthcoming EP, Ghetto Takeover.

With the EP coming out next month, No Echo is helping spread the word via "Just Kickin' It," the second song from Ghetto Takeover, a few weeks before its official release:

Here's what Chris from Jack-Knife said about the track:

"We open the EP with this track because it gives you a preview of what this project is about, lyrically speaking. It’s about growing up in my city that I call home, despite the daily feeling of having to fight for your life physically and mentally. This song is an emphasis on feeling stuck on your hood, always wanting to come back—even later in life. Masking it as the reason being wanting to kick it."

Ghetto Takeover will hit streaming outlets on August 3rd through Nothing Less Records. A lathe cut 12-inch, CD, and cassette version of the EP will be up for pre-order sometime in August.

Jack-Knife on social media: Instagram | Bandcamp


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