Suffocater: Salt Lake City Trio Pays Tribute to ‘00s Horror Gem via “Dennis”

Photo: Wes Johnson

Suffocater is a brand new band calling Salt Lake City their homebase.

On the stylistic front, the trio brings all kinds of heavy music influences into what they're doing. There's everything from hardcore to noise rock to '80s punk to all sorts of styles between those worlds.

Earlier this month, Suffocater released their self-titled debut EP, and No Echo is helping spread the word through the band's new music video for "Dennis" from the record. We don't know about you, but this song is giving us a bit of an Unsane vibe!

Suffocater vocalist/guitarist Josh Recker told the following to No Echo about his lyrics for "Dennis." Oh, he also shot and edited its music video: 

"'Dennis' is inspired by the Eli Roth horror film Cabin Fever. In an early scene a group of teenagers are told to never sit next to Dennis since he has the tendency to bite. It's a very weird but funny scene that really sets the movie in motion. Similar to 'The Dead Zone,' another song on our album, I draw lots of inspiration from horror movies."

The Suffocater EP is available across all digital platforms and as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. The band will be releasing a limited run of cassettes next month.

Suffocater on social media: Facebook | Instagram

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