New Artist Focus: Infinity Land

This year has lent us a few gifts from the cancellation of coronavirus to the restarting of shows. None of which have been so thrilling as is the debut release from Infinity Land. A blessing of a 4-song collection, Honest Comedy is relatable, delightful, and vile.

At once unhinged and addictive, the album presents stories shout into a microphone and cast over whirring, tinny tracks. 

Infinity Land, a 5-piece hailing from Waterbury, CT, is Tarek Ahmed (vocals, art), Brandon Antoniak (drums, synth) Ryan Duende (Bass), Erik LaBranche (guitar, synth) and Joe Markus (guitar). They came together in June of 2020 with the intent of forming a “death rock band” and, as told by Tarek, “kinda just ended up mutating into what it is.” 

When asked what genre they considered themselves, sludge metal, noise rock, and mathcore came to mind. This description stands with roaring vocals and delectable, syrupy, sludgy moments. At first listen I am reminded of Chat Pile and of Prison Warder.

Content generally saddles on the horrific. The band’s name itself derived from a game Jeffrey Dahmer (the guy who killed and ate people while trying to create sex zombies) made up as a child. Additionally, winding “Flight of the Zodiac” centers on the theory that Tommy Wiseau is the Zodiac Killer. If all that doesn’t have you spooked, clips on the album were “lovingly sampled” from 2007 mockumentary/horror, The Poughkeepsie Tapes. The film was banned from theaters for its likeness to real-world snuff films. 

Of Honest Comedy I’m told “All the instruments are recorded live. The vocals were recorded very drunk and in one take for the most part.” From these recording sessions there is one remaining song which will soon be featured on a split cassette. The album cover, a collage, was crafted by Tarek himself. Facts indicative of only the biggest dick energy.

Due to the pandemic, Infinity Land has yet to perform live but judging by the fact that they’ve been kicked out of their first practice space (tattoo shop Earth Ship Studios) I think its safe to say we’ve got something to look forward to.

While you wait be sure to follow Infinity Land on FB and The Gram for updates as they occur. You can also catch yourself a preorder the impending cassette from The Ghost is Clear Records here

At the time of writing, an upcoming show had been announced in the bands home state. Catch them live if you can and let them know, Bateman sent you. 


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