Nopes: Bay Area Noise-Punks Show Up with Riffs on “Smile Room” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Andrew Zhou

With a sound that rocks as hard as obscure proto-metal from '70s, and swings like something off of Swami Records, Nopes is a band with riffs for days.

Based in the Bay Area, Nopes didn't waste time during this godforsaken COVID nightmare, completing a new album instead.

Titled Djörk, the 13-track collection is the group's third full-length record, and fans of Hot Snakes, Jesus Lizard, and Mclusky will find plenty to be psyched about throughout. 

No Echo is premiering "Smile Room," a track from Djörk sure to prime you for the rest of the album when it comes out:

"This one was originally going to be a YUPS song, our offshoot band on the lighter side, but the riff was too good to not use in the noisier heavier band," Nopes vocalist Alex Petralia told No Echo via email.

"This one is about being stuck in a job you're forced to work and feel like you're living in a 'smile room' where you have to put on a fake front and grin and bear it."

Djörk will hit stores on January 29th via Magnetic Eye Records. Hit the pre-order right here.

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