Green 80: Florida Group Heavily Inspired by ‘00s Hardcore Scene on Debut Release

Combining their love for hardcore and American football, Green 80 is a new band based out of Jacksonville, Florida. "This all started right at the time of the pandemic when I picked up a guitar for the first time ever and began writing my own music," Green 80 six-stringer Larry Bright tells No Echo. 

"I wrote a few riffs that ended up becoming 'Fortune Favors' and 'What Happens Next.' I've always played in hardcore and punk bands growing up and I just wanted to get back to it once shows started popping off again. So, I hit up Dan [Strickland ]—which I've played countless shows and tours with for years—to play guitar and I can play drums and wanted to see if they even sounded good.

"Wanting to get the ball rolling I hit up Josh [Hunter], aka jhunt, to play bass, which I played with in previous bands of mine. I then hit up Lennard [Concepcion] to do vocals to seal the deal and create Green 80."

Green 80's debut release recently hit Bandcamp in the form a 6-song demo. Oh, about their moniker: "We all love football so Larry used Green 80, which comes from a cadence we’ve heard quarterbacks use to set plays and routes on the football field."

Larry offers up some of Green 80's musical touchpoints: "We all grew up listening to '00s hardcore, which influenced us heavily. Writing the music we wanted to have that same style but a mix of punk rock, which comes from me, and maybe some Youth Crew here and there cause Dan is straight edge. The rest of us are 'ingoers' but theres never any hate.

"We are definitely influenced and modeled after bands like Righteous Jams, Mental, Rampage, and earlier Lockin’ Out releases."

Photos: Death Panther Media

Green 80 guitarist Dan Strickland chimes in to let us know who else is poppin' in the Sunshine State. "Florida’s a good place to be right now to play shows and thankfully were right in Jacksonville, where regulations arent as strict and we can play shows like the one recently with NYHC legends Murphy’s Law without alot of restrictions.

"It seems theres been an absence of local hardcore bands in Jacksonville, in a sense, it's a changing of the guard once again. Theres been a few DIY shows happening again that always do well, which were our first couple of shows."

Vocalist Lennard Concepcion has this to say about the situation: "I hope once we get up and going that we can get our local hardcore scene stronger than ever. Our good friends we want to shout out are called Swill, who are a trio playing fast melodic skate punk that fucking rips."
Upcoming Green 80 show:
March 17th - Jacksonville, FL @ Archetype w/ Drain, Pain of Truth, Ingrown (tickets


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