Scavengers: Ex/Current From Ashes Rise, Recon Members Ask a “Riddle of Steel” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Vanessa Wheeler

Albany, New York's hardcore scene has been going strong since the '80s, and Scavengers help keep that tradition alive today. Formed in 2016, the quartet has showcased its crustened metallic hardcore sound on one LP (2017's Progress to Oblivion) and an EP (2018's Ordovician Silurian).

Featuring musicians who have spent time as members of such bands From Ashes Rise, Lariat, and Recon, Scavengers will be celebrating the coming year with the release of their sophomore album, Anthropocene.

No Echo has partnered with Scavengers to present the premiere of "Riddle of Steel," a blazing track from the forthcoming record:

“‘Riddle of Steel’ was inspired by the people who see human rights violations and respond by doing a bunch of mental gymnastics to justify them," Scavengers bassist/vocalist John Torn tells No Echo.

"They see a video of an unarmed person getting murdered by a cop, and they try to find anything they can to present it as the victim’s fault. They see everything that’s going on in the ICE camps, and they try to blame it on the immigrants who are just trying to do what they can for their families, just like most of our families had to do a hundred years ago.

"A lot of people are unwilling to empathize or see the shared humanity between themselves and victims of racism, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia, etc.

Meanwhile, a lot of those same people who think, for example, that immigrants are somehow leeches on society, will jump through hoops to defend the people at the top who are actually taking advantage of the system.

It’s disheartening to see so many people go to bat for the elements of society that really only cater to rich people and politicians."

Photo: Danielle Dombrowski

Anthropocene will be out in early 2021 via Patient Zero Records. 

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