Mile High Sunrise Take Us on a Stark & Acoustic Trip via “Push” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ethan Hansen

Mile High Sunrise was originally set up as a vehicle for singer/guitarist Justin Legere to challenge himself as a songwriter. You see, Justin is better known for his work in such hardcore-minded bands as Living Weapon and Laid 2 Rest, where Mile High Sunrise walks to the rhythm of a different drum.

Started in 2020, Mile High Sunrise has released two EPs so far—Cries from a Stranger and 20 Years Too Late—showcasing a stark, acoustic-led sound that focuses on Justin's low-register vocal tone and storyteller lyrics. A single entitled "A Watershed Moment" was released last year.

After performing a number of shows together, guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Molino (The World) joined the fold for the recording of Mile High Sunrise's new EP, How It Feels to Be Alive… The EP was produced and fleshed further out by Greg Thomas (END, Murmur) at Silver Bullet Studios and mastered by Bill Henderson (Thursday) at Azimuth Mastering. 

Take a listen to, "Push," the first taste of the How It Feels to Be Alive… EP: 

Justin told No Echo the following about the EP and its single:

"The record is a concept EP following both the beginning of the end and final conclusion of a relationship breaking apart. It's a journey going through all of the feelings of hope and loss that consume a person during that time period. '

"'Push' is the peak of where everything is falling apart and the struggle of accepting that realization. The music video is a drastic take on what a person feels when everything they know is crashing down."

How It Feels to Be Alive… will be out digitally on August 23rd. Physical copies will be available at milehighsunrise.bigcartel.com on August 27th.


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