Fence Cutter: NJ Band Provides Mosh-Ready Hardcore on “My Environment” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Todd Pollock

Fence Cutter, one of New Jersey’s strongest young bands, mixes a traditional New York hardcore sound with some of the thrashier and discordant sounds familiar to their shore-style forebears in Tear It Up. The band does well in balancing that New York hardcore groove with speedy horse-hopping riffage and, in doing so, offers up angry and mosh-ready songs.

“My Environment,” the title track to the band’s forthcoming EP, is a great introduction to Fence Cutter’s sound. What starts out as a thrashy and chaotic song pounds along into a heavy grooving breakdown that is sure to get any crowd moving. The song is one of six set to be released on the EP via New Morality Zine. The EP will come in cassette format, and is the band’s first proper release on the label.

Catch Fence Cutter at the following shows:
June 1st at House of Independents, Asbury Park, NJ w/ Floorpunch and Shark Attack
June 21st at Gold Sounds, Brooklyn, NY w/ Combust and Blind Justice
June 26th at Creep Records, Philadelphia, PA w/ Year of the Knife and Magnitude
July 13th at Karl Hall, Wilkes-Barre, PA w/ Worn and Restraining Order

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