User Unauthorized: Austin Hardcore Punks Kick All Kinds of Ass on New EP

Photo: Evelyn Escamilla-Nichols

User Unauthorized has the kind of origin story shared by countless other hardcore punk bands throughout the world. "I saved some money, picked up a bass and Johnny would bring his guitar over and we would just jam in my garage," bassist/vocalist Sage tells No Echo about the Austin group's formation in 2019.

"Eventually, we started playing with [drummer] Rooster, then added a second guitarist, King. After our first EP [Fall in Line] was released in 2019, we ended up parting ways with King and that’s when Isabella, our current lead guitarist and occasional bassist, stepped in and it’s all gone up since then."

About a month ago, User Unauthorized dropped a kick ass 5-song EP called Watch Them Fall that got No Echo's attention:

"We play hardcore punk," Sage says. "We like playing fast, and aggressive with heavy breakdowns. We’ve always been drawn to that raw energy that hardcore puts out.

"As far as our influences go, we love Filth, Gorilla Biscuits, OFF!, Reagan Youth, Bad Brains, MDC... the list goes on."

Photo: Bella Russo

"We use our music to voice our opinions, anger, and political beliefs much like other punk bands. Our lyrics were inspired by current events and issues we think are important and that also affect us.

"Since COVID threw a wrench into our plans of writing more music, we all got tested, and rented out a friend’s house to stay in for a couple weeks and just sat down hammered out new songs about shit that made us angry."

No Echo asks Sage about how he feels User Unauthorized fits into the Austin punk scene. "So much love goes out to the Austin scene they’ve been so supportive it’s really great. People like to see teenage kids get off their ass and play hardcore again. Both Kickbutt and The Lost Well have been so sick to work with and we’ve got nothing but love for them along with other venues.

"If we’re talking local, Toad Hollow and Pit Punch are friends of ours and we love playing with them. Protest and Noogy from Dallas are awesome, too, and we can’t wait for post-COVID shows with them. We just recently became friends with Reaching Out from New Jersey, and their shit is great!"

Photo: Elise Cook

"We’ve got a virtual show coming up on April 2nd at Come and Take It Live, a local Austin venue. We’ll be playing with Protest from Dallas and Toad Hollow from Austin.

"We’re still figuring out if there will be more bands or not."

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