Bazookatooth: Nashville Hardcore Punks Strike Back w/ “Salt of the Earth” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Hawley Young

"We choose not to be confined by certain influences, but that means we often find ourselves in a place where we’re too punk for hardcore, or too hardcore for punk." That quote comes from Audra Mueller, guitarist/vocalist of Bazookatooth, a band that clearly confuses some folks, but not No Echo. 

The Nashville-based power trio was previously profiled on the site back in 2018, and we instantly became fans of Bazookatooth's abrasive take on hardcore punk. "We try not to take things too seriously, but we also think it is important to stand up and fight for what you believe is right," Audra tells No Echo. "This notion drives much of our lyrical content, along with mental health, politics, social justice and straight edge ideals."

Since it's been a minute since we last checked in with Bazookatooth, it's about time we hear where their heads are at with "Salt of the Earth," a new track from the band. Listen and soak in the visuals for the music video they've made for the track below:

"The song is about combating an administration that capitalizes on racism and bigotry while claiming to promote traditional family values," says Audra. "These are the same people who say they are 'just like you and me' who rake in billions of tax free dollars through systemically corrupt practices.

These same people want to restore America to its 'former glory' — a greatness that never was and never will be. This song is dedicated to the families torn apart by ICE and the US border camps."

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