Scandroid, Scandroid (FiXT, 2016)

Scandroid is the musical nom de plume of Klayton, the Detroit-based musician/producer behind Celldweller. While Celldweller explores the industrial and heavier side of the electronica spectrum, Scandroid finds Klayton operating in both synth-pop and synthwave modes. While the method of delivery is obviously synth-based, the emphasis here is always on melody.

Described as a "love letter to the '80s," Scandroid's eponymous debut album is a 14-track collection (plus a remix) that includes both vocal and instrumental cuts. Outside of the robotic vocal effects used on some of the material, most of Klayton's singing style is clear and pop-minded. The instrumental portions of the album fall clearly into the cinematic feel favored by the synthwave scene.

Scandroid also includes a pulsating cover of Tears for Fears' 1985 smash, "Shout." With its driving percussion and bass line, the track serves as a solid introduction to the album for the more mainstream kind of music listener. In terms of hooks, Klayton doesn't dissapoint. Whether it's an instrumental or a vocal cut, Scandroid's melodies stick with you.

My biggest takeaway from listening to the album a few times is how interesting it would be for Klayton to score a film project under the Scandroid banner. The music he's created so far with the moniker would be a nice fit for a project like that.

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