Empired: Outspoken Bassist Jai Hansel’s New Band Goes Punk Route on “Six” Music Video

Photo: Josh Roush

Comprised of bassist/vocalist Jai Hansel (who No Echo readers will know from his time in Outspoken and Twilight Transmission), drummer Danny Baeza, and guitarist/vocalist Bruce Zebal (The Sleeping Sea King, Hail ACAB), Empired is a new punk band based out of Southern California.

"After playing in bands over half my life, one thing that makes this band so fun and successful is our chemistry," Jai told me over email the other day. "I’ve never been in a band that’s functions so easily and consistently. We all come from different music circles and it just clicks so perfectly." The OC hardcore vet continued: "The name 'Empired' was Bruce’s idea and I think it fits perfectly. We aren’t a political band per se but we definitely won’t shy away from speaking our minds or stepping up to fascists for example."

Empired would welcome in second guitarist Cameron Mosavian and wasted no time working up material. They eventually entered the studio with Paul Miner (Adolescents, New Found Glory) to record their debut album, Finding Calm in the Chaos, which came out this past January.

Today, No Echo is presenting the music video premiere of "Six," a track from the aforementioned album. The clip was directed by Dr. Josh Roush, who Jai referred to as the "unofficial fifth member" of Empired:

Jai explained the inspired behind "Six" and its lyrics: 

"The song is about self awareness and becoming comfortable in one’s own skin, realizing the fundamental negative effects and repercussions of trying to be something and someone we are not, the boosting and bolstering of the false public appearance which has always been the human dilemma and magnified especially in the age of social media. How liberating and healthy it can be to just be ourselves and that also springs the question, who are we?"

Director Josh also chimed in with this: "I've been working with Empired since a few months after they got together. In that time I've shot 6 music videos for them, 5 chapters of an ongoing documentary, and tons of footage that has yet to see the light of day. When Jai mentioned that I could join them to play bass on 'Six' while on tour with them, I lept at the oppertunity to play live with some of my best friends on the planet."

Jai will be performing double duties on August 24th when both Empired and Outspoken join Into Another, Gameface, Verbal Assault, Be Well, Shades Apart, By the Grace of God, Function, Mean Season, Calling Hours, and Spark of Life at the Garden Amp in Orange County, California for the Gimme Some '90s Fest. Get tickets here.

Finding Calm in the Chaos is streaming everywhere and available on Bandcamp.

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