Dizeaze: Ohio Hardcore Band Makes Lineup Changes, Drops New Music

Photo: Audrey Heffner

Ohio hardcore band Dizeaze was first featured on No Echo last year via a live set around Halloween time. Since then, the group has gone through a lineup change in the vocals and bass departments.

"We started Dizeaze in August of 2021 after one of our best friends died," Dizeaze guitarist Justin told me earlier this past week. "It inspired the riff once again. Early in 2022, we went through a change, vocals as well as bass.

"We hit up Devyn, who did vocals in one of our bands back around 2010. Josh, who runs and operates Daily Grind Productions, was recording us at the time and he liked the music and shit so we asked him to play bass. It all came together to be what we are now."

With the new lineup secured, Dizeaze is hitting us with a new promo release, and you can chew on its opening track, "Life's Game," below:

"The song 'Life’s Game' means alot to us. It practically was the start to this. 'The cards you dealt decide your fate' (a lyric by our friend Dustin Herkimer) it means what you dish out is what you’ll get back. Deal it out so you get the prize.” 

Photo: Brett Rosiejka

Justin is clearly excited about Dizeaze's upcoming plans: "We have a lot in store for 2022. June 13th we play in New Jersey with Contention, and those dudes rip! Conduit and Roseblood are also playing. All sick bands. June 24/25/26th we will be out on a short summer run with our homies in Under the Knife.

"Catch us at one of those dates. A ton of sick bands on these shows."

Physical copies will be available via 1648 Records soon.

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