Intercourse: Connecticut Band Waves "Outsider Hardcore" Flag on Egyptian Democracy

Photo: Sherilyn Furneaux

It’s always like Christmas, waking up to the notification that Connecticut "outsider hardcore" weirdos Intercourse have released a track. I rush to Bandcamp’s digital under-tree to unwrap my gifted tune. The single itself throws me into a carnal frenzy when (at timestamp 1.10) it goes from hard to harder with drummer Caleb’s tinny cymbals. I smile wide knowing the boys haven’t lost any edge. I'm again taken aback by lyrics so scathing.. it’s best not to sing them aloud publically. Lest you fancy being tackled by transit police. 

At just shy of 90 seconds we are bestowed but a taste, with the full 5-track drop, Egyptian Democracy, having followed later the same week. I recognize it, noting that I’d heard it live in the months prior. Happy then to finally have my copy pre-ordered. 

Now streaming everywhere—you too can be so lucky, if you’d be so wise, as to place your order of one of the three beautiful variants just released via Redscroll Records. Also notable of the release is the band’s 2019 horror—Bum Wine—being pressed to the album’s B-side, double the fun. 

Thankful also that you can count on content from the creators, with prior release Halo Castration Institute having blessed us sub-year ago, in May of 2023. Intercourse is not the type of band to leave me bereft in my desires, amen. 

When asked about the creative process Big Pete (bass) tells me: “We have a song about the mad bomber, and a song about a social phenomena so German only the Germans could have invented it.”

The tracks to which he’s referencing "George Metesky" and "For the Love of Schadenfreude"—tied for my personal favorite. So classically Tarek (vocals) too—the call towards true crime in his referencing the bomber who terrorized New York in the 1950s and '60s with bombs in public spaces. 

The collection wraps up with one song that will haunt you with creeping unease—"The Knot." You, too, will be horrified as the realization creeps over you at the lyrical horror show you’ve just endured. Sean (guitar) says of this track that he considers it “a preview for getting weirder." God help us all.

Then, finally, "New England Bitter," a slower tune to make love to your old lady by.. or to catch your breath between stage dives. 

Intercourse have shows coming up including Minneapolis’ signature noise fest Caterwaul this May with other heavy hitters including: The Triceratops (NY), Asbestos Worker (MN), and Couch Slut (NY), to name a handful. 

Follow them on The Gram and Bandcamp for all the pertinent updates. See you in the pit. 

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