Demand: DC Band Celebrates No-Nonsense Hardcore Style on Debut Release

Photo: Sean Reilly

As I've written many other times before on this very site, as fucked as the pandemic has been, many people decided to channel their frustration into new musical pursuits. That's the story behind the formation of DC-based hardcore band Demand.

"The only goal was to be creative and write music during lockdown, in order to maintain our sanity while absolutely nothing else was going on," says guitarist Brad via email. First appearing online through a kickass 4-song demo in October of last year, Demand play a no-nonsense take on hardcore that is as classic-sounding as it is ferocious.

Despite his reticence, Brad seems to agree with my take on the Demand approach: "It’s hard to give an objective answer here, but in my mind we are just a straightforward hardcore band.

"Some of the bands that influence us are Hard Stance, Walk Proud, Visual Discrimination, Insight, Face Value, BOLD, B’zrkr, Turning Point, etc. We are trying to represent a certain era and a certain vibe rather than one or two specific bands."

Brad gave me his breakdown of the current state of DCHC and metal scenes: There are a lot of great bands right now from DD and the surrounding area including, but not limited to: Brain Tourniquet, Deliriant Nerve, Asesinato, Corvo, Demon Unit, Hologram, Genocide Pact, The Final Agony,  Grand Scheme, Posmic, Truth Cult, No Man, Bacchae, Ztuped, Squeaky Fromme, etc.

"I just wish that there were a better variety of venues to play. If you are local to DC I would encourage you to support Jinx Proof Tattoos, Joint Custody, Donut Run, and Iron Chain Fitness." 

The 2021 Demand demo just got the cassette treatment from Conviction Records and can be ordered directly from the label at this link.


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