Praise: Baltimore Melodic Hardcore Outfit Surprise-Drops Coming Up for Air EP

Photo: Dan Raw

Two years after releasing All In a Dream (one of my favorite hardcore records of 2022), melodic hardcore purveyors Praise have returned with a new EP. Entitled Coming Up for Air, the 3-tracker was recorded at Magpie Cage Studio in the band's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland with engineer Matt Redenbo.

"With All In a Dream, we really took our time and were super meticulous about details," says Praise guitarist Anthony Dye. We also used all of the resources of the studio to make things a little more layered and intricate.

"On the new EP, we wanted to challenge that approach, and make something that felt more natural, like something that flowed more easily from the members of the band playing together in a room.”

Formed in 2009, by musicians who have also been members of such bands as Mindset, Desperate Measures, and Turnstile, Praise have previously released three albums, and two EPs.

Photo: Chris Bavaria

Coming Up for Air is available now via Revelation Records.

Upcoming Praise live dates:
June 21: Atlanta, GA at Disorder Vinyl w/ Painful Choice
June 22: Jacksonville, FL at Rain Dogs w/ Painful Choice
June 23: Miami FL at Gramps

August 16: Denver, CO at D3 Arts
August 17: Colorado Springs, CO at What's Left Records

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