True Widow, Avvolgere (Relapse Records, 2016)

The word "noir" comes to mind when I'm trying to describe the combination of True Widow's D.H. Phillips' fuzz pedal-kissed guitar and drugged-out vocal style. When those two sonic elements are set against bassist Nicole Estill's and drummer Slim TX's slow and steady rhythm work, you're left with a sound that doesn't easily fall into one specific musical genre identifier.

On True Widow's third studio album, Avvolgere, the Texas outfit milks each riff out for all its worth, in some cases sitting on a groove so long it all starts to get dream-like. Two examples of that aspect of the band's approach are the tracks "O.O.T.P.V." and "Entheogen." Both of those songs take their time to develop, all the while sticking to a sturdy backbeat. The material on the album simmers like that throughout its entirety.

Yep, Avvolgere is a perfect hangover record.

Estill also contributes lead vocals on the album, and her understated performances on such cuts as "Sante" and "What Finds Me" are another reason to fall in love with Avvolgere.

Recorded by Matt Pence at the Echo Lab in Argyle, Texas, the album has a gritty texture to its sound that also leaves plenty of room for each of the instruments to breathe, something that True Widow's slow-building songs flourish in.

Cheers to the team at Relapse Records on another winner.

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