Delinquent: Stream Debut EP from Hardcore Band Feat. Members of Mortality Rate, Juice

Allow us to introduce you to Delinquent, a new hardcore band out of Vancouver, British Columbia. "In July of 2022, I wrote 3000 riffs and compiled 2000 songs and sent them off to Jessee in Winnipeg," says Rob from the band. "Soon after, a 4-song demo and 6-song EP entitled Serve & Neglect were arranged."

Delinquent features veterans of the Canadian hardcore scene who have also played in such bands as Mortality Rate, Juice, and Meantime.

"If Delinquent has one theme it’s hatred for law enforcement, and it’s more useless branches," Rob continues. "We have solidarity for those with legal troubles, especially concerning borders between countries."

No Echo got the early jump on the group's aforementioned Serve & Neglect EP, so soak it up below. "Serve & Neglect has a good spread of heavy, fast, mid tempo’d and catchy hardcore. We wanted to capture something more vocally driven in order to eliminate the u-shaped audience and get people singing along. All 6 songs complain about some form of cop-like behaviour that has irked me at some point."

So, how would Rob describe the Delinquent sound? "We try to lay a foundation of NYHC with some more modern sensibilities peppered throughout. FFO: Breakdown, Killing Time, and Maximum Penalty."

What else is on the horizon for Delinquent? "Wild Rose Hardcore Festival is hosting Madball in Calgary, Canada June 3rd with some local guests including us. Shows in Winnipeg, and Vancouver will be in our future as well."

No Echo also asked Rob for some other bands from Delinquent's region that we should be checking out: "Madness Cartel in Vancouver is my new favorite. Ghaul, Cleaver, and Second Nature are guys I know personally and deserve recognition for all they do for the local scene."


Delinquent on social media: Instagram | Bandcamp


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