Malice at the Palace Look Forward Backwards on (Killer) New EP

Photo: David Burns

With members spread between Florida and Philadelphia, Malice at the Palace is a band that plays with the speed and precision of thrash metal, but can also handle the more groove and mosh-ready rhythms of metallic hardcore.

Influenced by the likes of All Out War, Merauder, and Living Sacrifice, the group formed in 2015. Since then, the quintet has released two demos on Life to Live, a full-length EP on Six Feet Under, and a popular split 7 inch with Jesus Piece.

Malice at the Palace's next release is MATP A.D., a cassette comprised of 3 older tracks that band has rejuvenated with more intensity and bite:

"When we recorded our split with Jesus Piece for Bridge Nine, we had some extra studio time and re-recorded a few of our old songs for fun," guitarist Robert Goodspeed tells No Echo. "We have always contemplated if we would or could ever do anything with them being that it was just three songs.

"We knew it was the perfect fit to try and do something similar to how Sick of It All re-recorded some of their older songs on their Nonstop album.

"However, life happens and you put stuff like that on the backburner but because the quarantine had us all bored out of our mind missing hardcore, it felt like the perfect time to actually sit down and finish it."

Robert doesn't think people already familiar with the original versions of the tracks will mind hearing these refreshed takes. "While the songs aren't new, it still feels fresh hearing them the same way we play them live.

"'Forced to Burn,' the intro track, was sort of a Frankenstein song, as we took the intro from an old song we don't usually play ('Twisting Reality') and swapped it into the beginning of this song.

"I always personally liked how All Out War's 'Resist' had an extended intro and I feel this is MATP's rendition of that."

MATP A.D. is available now via KOTP Recordings (baby blue cassette) and From Within Records (orange w/ t-shirt option).

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