Black Gaff Brings Forth Grimy Hardcore Sludge on New Release

Photo: Tamara Velazquez

Black Gaff is a new musicial project from Patrick Forrest, a musician who is also a member of noise rock crew Eye Flys. Before that, the Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist manned the drums for Backslider, so you know he's well-equipped to handle the filthier stuff as well.

When he's not playing music, Patrick works as a union stagehand, and the COVID lockdown has decimated his industry. With things probably not changing till next year, at the earliest, he decided to stay busy by starting Black Gaff.

"Black Gaff was an idea by me and a few of my union stagehand brothers who also happen to skate," Patrick tells No Echo. "We would sometimes have 'practices' before or after we could break away from life/work to hang out and skate, which is few and far in between most times in a stagehands lifestyle."

On Black Gaff's brand new demo, Patrick and company (he said the other members will stay anonymous for now) bring forth a sludgy sound that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Slap a Ham Records catalog back in the '90s: 

"Without going too deep," Patricks says, "I also need to note that among the many fucked up things this current administration is doing, such as continuing hundreds of years of systematic racism, they are also trying to destroy worker unions in this country by slowly dismantling them piece by piece."

The Black Gaff demo will be released on cassette via Give Praise Records. Pre-order your copy at this link.


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