Compilation Unites Punk Bands for Philadelphia Community Bail Fund + Amistad Law Project

Open City (Photo: Farrah Skeiky)

19 Notes on a Broken System is a new compilation courtesy of the Philadelphia underground geared toward supporting the ongoing struggles going on throughout the world and in their hometown.

The collection features brand new, exclusive, unreleased tracks from The Dead Milkmen, Disappearances, Swath of…, as well as songs from: Open City (members of Lifetime, Ceremony, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists), Honey (ex-Turning Point), Grey C.E.L.L. (members of Citizens Arrest), and a dozen other hardcore, punk, goth, folk, and metal tracks from Philly bands.

Currently available for download on Bandcamp, featuring artwork from Justin Gray and mastered by Steve Roche, the pre-order is live now for a cassette limited to 50 copies — 100% of money raised will be split between Philadelphia Community Bail Fund and Amistad Law Project.

It is definitely a project worthy of your support.

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