Cosmic Reaper Serves Up Delicious Psych Doom on “In the Lair” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

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Cosmic Reaper is a band that mines influence from the atmospheric and psych side of the doom/Sabbath sonic spectrum. The Charlotte, North Carolina quartet's songwriting and arrangement approach makes for a quality headphone experience, which No Echo recommends as the method of listening here.

2021 found Cosmic Reaper dropping a self-titled LP through Heavy Psych Sounds, garnering attention from the heavy rock community despite the fact that the band couldn't play shows to promote the release. One of the people who became an instant fan was Dave Frenson of Black Numbers, a label based out of New Jersey. Black Numbers will be releasing the band's 2019 Demon Dance EP on vinyl. 

"I came to find Cosmic Reaper in the classic way, via a friend who shares a lot of his favorite stuff with me," Dave tells No Echo. "We don't always have the biggest overlap in our taste, but every once in a while he'll send me something that makes a huge impact. In this case, it was Cosmic Reaper's self-titled LP on Heavy Psych Sounds."

"Cosmic Reaper is a little left of center for Black Numbers. I mainly release punk and emo, aside from a few heavier bands like The Sun The Moon The Stars or Tidal Arms. That being said, we never set out to make Black Numbers have a narrow focus in terms of genre, so I'm really stoked to be branching out a bit more and thankful Cosmic Reaper was willing to work with me to get Demon Dance pressed on wax."

To celebrate Demon Dance vinyl release, Cosmic Reaper have collaborated with Reed Williams who has created a video for the EP track, "In the Lair":

"'In the Lair' was actually the first song ever written for this band," Cosmic Reaper bassist Garrett Garlington told No Echo via email. 

"Before we had a name or even a full lineup of members, the different elements involved served as somewhat of a blueprint or foundation to build everything on that came after it. It's a local favorite and live staple. It's relatively short for the world of doom, but it gets to the point quickly and gets folks headbanging, which is the primary goal for us."

Demon Dance is available digitally via Bandcamp. The vinyl version begins shipping March 18th and is available for pre-order via Black Numbers.

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