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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: xPersistx

Photo: Andre Mamola

Band: xPersistx
From: Michigan

Their formation story:
(Seth Sprague, vocals): "I’ve been going to shows since around 2005 and I’ve always wanted to sing in a straight edge band. For one reason or another, it never really worked out. However, with the Detroit and greater Michigan hardcore scene being better than ever lately with things such as Tied Down Fest breathing new life into the scene I knew it was time.

"I initially reached out to our guitarist Andre whom I’ve been friends with forever and he was up for it right away and had a wealth of material he had written ready to go. Andre played with Jalon our drummer and Dylan our bassist in his other bands Under the Knife, Chain Snatch, etc. and we recruited them to form xPersistx."

Their sound in their own words:
"We are heavily influenced by straight edge bands of the mid to early '00s such as xRepresentx and xTyrantx but find influences from all over heavy hardcore such as Until the End, Terror, Inclination, and more. We hope to evoke the fun of mid-'00s tough-guy hardcore but with the perspective of 2024."

Latest release info:
"We recently put out our first EP titled 1 Life 2 Decades and it can be found anywhere you stream music. We have partnered with Top Floor Tapes out of Detroit and will be releasing cassettes for the EP aiming for late January to early February."

Future plans:
"Right now. we are just looking for opportunities to play shows and have fun. We are already eagerly working on new music and trying to create a band we would like to watch play."

What other bands from the region should we check out?
"Vigilante, Concuss, Luck Runs Out, Hardcount, Dead Hang, Barefaced, Big Deal."


xPersistx on social media: Instagram


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