Crowned Kings: Aussie HC Group Drops “Cold Like You” from Forthcoming LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: KUBO Fotoart

Appearing on the international hardcore scene at the beginning of this decade, Australia's Crowned Kings have never been subtle about their musical mission. With influences being drawn from both hardcore and thrash metal, the quintet's discography to date can be summed up by one word: heavy. This is a group that clearly understands the power of a groove part, and boy, do they know how to craft them. Their new album, Sea of Misery, is a testament to that.

Produced by Nick Jett of Terror, Sea of Misery is a wall-to-wall riff fest that anyone who loves bands like Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy will love to swim in. As a teaser to the forthcoming album, Crowned Kings have hooked up No Echo with a track called "Cold Like You" to share with you all.

Sea of Misery will be available on March 23 via Demons Run Amok and can be pre-ordered in CD/LP and album bundles here.

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