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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Greed Worm

Photo: Jolene Sage

Band: Greed Worm
From: Chicago, Illinois

Their formation story:
(Bassist Sam) "Greed Worm formed in Chicago over the Summer of 2021. Earlier in the year, Ryan (Guitar, also plays in Snuffed, Shrivel Up) and Wes (Drums) had been writing new music together and sharing the demos with Trilly (vox) and myself (bass).  At the time, I was living in rural Colorado and recording some demo material in my closet, and when I moved back to Chi in May of 2021 the four of us started writing all together.

 "The culmination of this is our debut release, Hell Is Real. We played our first show in September of 2021 with our pals in Frail Body."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our top five influences are Botch, Slipknot, Cult Leader, Primitive Man, and Disembodied. We were initially focused on incorporating a combination of hardcore, sludge, and nu-metal into our sound.

"As we've progressed as a band, we've included more grind and slam elements, and continue to blend simply the thickest and toughest riffs with layers of distortion and sample ridden interludes."

Latest release info:
"We just released the follow-up to our debut release Hell Is Real, a split with Blackwater Sniper, another Chicago act. We're contributing two songs which continue to take our music in a hellishly heavy direction. One of the tracks has been accurately described as having 'the toughest fight riff ever.' Of course, we're also including a couple samples, plenty of blast beats, and some guest vocals from our friend Z.  

"The wonderful Bruce Hayden shot a music video for one of the songs last month (seen above)."

Future plans:
"After the split release, we're going to be recording with the immortal Pete Grossmann (who also recorded, mixed, and mastered Hell Is Real) at Bricktop Studios in March. We'll be playing 1/13 at Dumb Records in Springfield and 1/14 in Indianapolis for our fellow Midwestern folk, and planning to hit the East Coast this April."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Break the Cycle, Blackwater Sniper, Snuffed, Payasa, Sector, Buggin, Hostages, Si Dios Quiere, Sarin, Kharma, and Bovice are some of the local heavy hitters that bring the best time, every time."

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