Loosey: The Royal Hounds NYC & Criminal Members Debut New Band & Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Steve Levy

Loosey are a new NYC outfit playing tough yet melodic street rock 'n' roll with heartfelt vocals, righteous riffs, and a tight rhythm section. There are nods to Chiswick/Good Vibrations releases from the late '70s to Bovver greats like Third World War/Jesse Hector mixed in with Sharpie heroes Coloured Balls filtered through early Rose Tattoo.

If this sounds anything up your alley, pick up their 4-song debut Winter Promo tape here:

There are 150 tapes with white covers & 50 limited gold covers. It will be released on vinyl in the future by Computer Human Records in Australia and Roachleg Records in the US. Cover art by Amelia Rose, Design by Bootsie Castillo. Recorded and mixed by Mike Rekevics and Fizzy. Mastered by Jean-Paul Gautreaux at Sounds of Glory BK.

Having done time in bands like The Royal Hounds NYC, Criminal, Penetrode, and others; the Loosey Bad Boys are committed to bringing that Big City Noise to a town near you, follow their Instagram. Loosey t-shirt pre-orders are live here.


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