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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Bad Bet

Photo: Carly Boomer

Band: Bad Bet
From: Hamilton, Ontario

Their formation story:
(Kyle, vocals): "About a year ago, a mutual acquaintance brought us all together to make the band. Our drummer Zakk was kind of the one who in a sense connected all of us because Jonah and Simon were in a band with him prior. I knew Zakk from when we were younger and I first started going to shows. Zakk also recorded demos for Kohle’s other project, Built on Blood."

Their sound in their own words:
"I think the best way to describe our sound is groove. We wanted to make music where you could dance to every song, or at the least bounce your head. We have some fun mosh parts and a kind of doomy riff at the end of one song, so we’re all over the place but it flows.

"We all take inspiration from different kinds of heavy music as well as other genres, so if we feel like it fits the overall sound then we make it work in the song."

Latest release info:
"So, right now, we don't have anything out but we recorded a 2-song demo with Andy (Dmytryshyn) from Reality Denied over at School House. We wanted to get that out quick to give people who can't make it out to the shows something to hear from us."

Future plans:
"We plan to record an EP hopefully this fall or winter and would like to venture into the US come next spring and summer. Along with that, we are just eager to play shows with homies and new bands in as many places as we can. We all really like playing these songs so we wanna hit as many spots as we can to play them for people."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"So many bands out in Ontario right now killing it. I'd say check out Fight on Sight, Reality Denied, Die Alone, Mile End, Spirit of Vengeance, Build on Blood, Rust, Rockpyle, Just Right, Bardown, Cease, Wedge, 100% Pure, Temper Tantrum, The Rig, Expel, Deadly Game, Force of Will, Losers, DoFlame, Real World, Dear-God, 9million, Physic Void, Friction, Behavioural Issues, Best Wishes, Wild Side, BFD, Windoc, Mil Spec, Total Silence, Destined to Burn, Mortuary Slab, Gavel, Last Retch, Northern Hit Squad, Enemy Within, and So Perfect.

"There's so many out here doing cool shit—that's just to name a few."


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