M.U.T.T. Bust Out Grungey Punk Hooks via “SF Is Killing Me” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Jason Abromovitz

Comprised of former Culture Abuse members John Jr., Matt Walker, Isa Anderson, and Shane Plitt, M.U.T.T. is a band with grimey melodic hooks on their minds.

Based out of San Francisco, the group lands somewhere between the sonic lines of punk, grunge, power pop, and those obscure yet cool bands you would see on MTV's 120 Minutes in the early '90s one time before the channel never played it again. Whatever they're doing, M.U.T.T. always have an eye on the aforementioned melodic hook. 

The band previously appeared on this site when they were releasing their debut album, 2022's Bad to the Bone. This time out, they're back with a music video for a track called "SF Is Killing Me" which will appear on their forthcoming EP, Dirty Deeds.

Directed by Timmy Lodhi of Bay Area hardcore band Bite the Hand, the clip can be viewed below, along with some thoughts about the song's lyrics from John Jr.

Here's what John Jr. told No Echo about the track:

“'SF Is Killing Me' is a song I co-wrote about/with my best friend and bass player, Shane. He wrote the majority of the music, I helped him arrange it and I wrote the lyrics. Shane grew up homeless with drug addicted parents. Still hasn’t gotten his shit together but I can see why it’s hard for him to do so.

"He struggles with his self worth and I’m constantly trying to build him up. He struggles with depression and anxiety but can somehow get up on stage no problem and rock the fuck out. He’s a good person who doesn’t believe he deserves anything, but he deserves happiness."

Dirty Deeds will be released on February 23rd digitally via Quiet Panic.

Hit the M.U.T.T. Linktree to find all of their social media pages.

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