Fists of Fury: Texas Crossover Thrashers Fire Off Mosh Riffs Galore (TRACK PREMIERE)

Photo: Zane Daniel

North Texas-based crossover thrash crew Fists of Fury that first appeared on the scene last year. Sharing a love for bands like Leeway, Exhorder, and Demolition Hammer, the quintet previously released a demo and promo in 2019, bringing forth a sound brimming with one tasty guitar riff after the other.

Later this month, Fists of Fury will be releasing their debut album, New Age of Dread, and No Echo has the track "Fists of Fury" for you to check out below in this exclusive premiere:

"The song has it all," says Fists of Fury guitarist Taylor Riley. "There's some fast, lots of mosh, and tons of riffs. The lyrics are short and to the point. 'Fists of Fury,' end of story!"

New Age of Dread will be out on October 23rd.

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