Song of the Day

Screw, “Loudmouth” (2018)

Formed in 2017, Screw dropped a demo last summer that got my attention. With a stripped-down, no-nonsense approach, the Swedish hardcore punk trio have a lot in common with bands like The Flex, Freedom, and Pure Disgust, and the whole UK82 scene.

"Loudmouth" comes off Screw's forthcoming promo tape and will also be on a compilation Teeny Tiny Records will be releasing soon. I think it serves as a nice introduction to the band and its all-teeth songwriting style. Gaby's voice is just as gruff as Adam's guitar tone, making for a hell of a racket when they meet. Let's keep our eyes and ears open for Screw in 2018 and hope they put out a proper full-length in the near future.

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