Walking Wounded: New Cleveland Band Drops Metallic Hardcore Pounding on “Birth”

Photo: J. Bartholomew Photography

Like so many other musicians in the hardcore community, guitarist Steve Perrino decided to start a new musical project during the pandemic lockdown. Walking Wounded is the result of that creative energy, now a full-on band with the addition of drummer Jimmy Gula and vocalist Noah Hardesty.

With an EP coming later this year, Walking Wounded is ready to unleash "Birth," the hard-as-fuck first single from the forthcoming collection:

"The song is about trying to find a sense of purpose or meaning during our time here on earth, which is a concept that I have personally been trying to reconcile with recently," Walking Wounded singer Noah told No Echo. 

"None of us choose to be born, and the world can seem like a harsh, uncaring place, but we’re all here nonetheless and it’s up to us to try and find that higher purpose (whatever that may be) that gives all of this meaning. The EP as a whole is going to be based around this idea, and some of the various obstacles and challenges we all face on our journeys as human beings."

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