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Precious, “Swandive,” from Unravelings (Indecision Records, 2017)

Earlier this week, I premiered a song from a new hardcore band called Dear Furious. That group features musicians from a variety of West Coast hardcore bands from the '90s, including drummer Matt Horwitz. Formerly in such bands as Mean Season and Adamantium, Horwitz reached out to me after the Dear Furious to tell me about his other current project, Precious. I'm glad he did that.

Precious is comprised of Horwitz, Dan Sena (Adamantium, Stickfigurecarousel), Dustin Perry (Threadbare, Snapcase), Brian Lovro (Threadbare, Stickler), and James Patrick Gericke (Death by Stereo), and the band fall somewhere between the rhythmic post-hardcore of Quicksand and the metallic hardcore of the members' own previous work. "Honestly, myself, I wasn't involved with the hardcore scene after Adamantium broke up," Sena told me during a recent chat. Since his hardcore days the first time around, he's become a successful DJ, recording for Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label (himself a hardcore head).

Precious, 2016.

Sena tells me about the time after Adamantium's break up: "I started a more indie band called Bullet Train to Vegas that signed with Nitro Records. We toured for a few years and broke up after 2006. Then I got really involved with the DJ world." After I ask him if he's kept up with the hardcore scene in the years since, he reveals: "The only band I really paid attention to during that period was Converge." 

"Swandive" comes off Precious' debut album, Unravelings, and works beautifully as an introduction to the group. The precise musicianship is obvious from the track's very first seconds, with each instrument holding down a monstrous groove with finesse and ease. Lovro's vocals are assured and flow effortlessly in the pocket. The rest of the album doesn't disappoint. Get on this.

Unravelings is available on vinyl via Indecision Records.

*Precious photo on homepage courtesy of Facebook.

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