Dear Furious: Hardcore Veterans Unite in New Band, Premiere Debut Track

After an ominous-sounding bass line and drum build up, "Got Your Name On It"—the debut track from Dear Furious—tears open with a familiar voice. Yes, that's the umistakable snarl of Isaac Golub, the vocalist behind both A Chorus of Disapproval and A18. Golub's authoritative performance and the song's driving metallic assault make for a potent marriage of lean and mean hardcore of the premium variety.

Listening to "Got Your Name on It," it's no surprise the singer is joined in Dear Furious by a who's who of Orange County, California hardcore scene veterans. Formed in late 2016, Dear Furious is comprised of Golub, guitarist Mike Hartsfield (Outspoken, Strife), drummer Matt Horwitz (Adamantium), bassist Marc Jackson (Throwdown), and guitarist Brian Manry (Mean Season). With that kind of pedigree, one would expect big results, and as you'll hear for yourself, the expectation is more than met.

It's an honor for No Echo to bring you the exclusive premiere of "Got Your Name On It" below:

With "Got Your Name On It' now unleashed onto the public, Dear Furious is plotting a proper record release and live dates.

Stay tuned to Dear Furious' official Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

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