Song of the Day

Mindforce, “They Just Want War,” from The Future Of... (Trip Machine Labs, 2017)

I've been following Poughkeepsie, NY's Mindforce since talk of their 2016 demo began showing up on my Twitter feed. Earlier this week, I noticed the band uploaded a new batch of songs that will be released as a 7" EP on the always reliable Trip Machine Labs label.

"They Just Want War" is the second track off the EP and instantly got its hooks in me. There's a definite '90s vibe to what Mindforce do with their songwriting style, and this song encapsulates that spirit perfectly. It wouldn't be a stretch to compare them to Fahrenheit 451, a Bronx-based band from back in that era. Both acts feature a vocalist not afraid to use the higher register of his voice, and both Mindforce and Fahrenheit 451 also know their ways around a fat-ass groove part.

There's also some crossover-like riffing and soloing thrown in the mix for good measure. You can't lose here.

Tagged: hardcore, mindforce