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Matus, “Umbral / Niebla de Neón,” from Espejismos II (2021)

Photo: Silvana Tello

Matus are a long running Peruvian collective that excels at an alchemical mix of psychedelic hard rock filtered through an expertly curated aesthetic simultaneously vintage and timeless. The perfect soundtrack to watching a surreal Alejandro Jodorowsky flick while imbibing copious amounts of ayahuasca, altered state of consciousness guaranteed.

Their latest offering is entitled Espejismos II, and it’s a superb collection of alternate mixes and unreleased tracks from their previous albums:

The track I chose, "Umbral/Nubia de Neon," is a different version off their magnificent 2015 LP, Claroscuro. The theremin wailing at the 50-second mark is like an ancient clarion call recalling forgotten civilizations buried deep within the inner recesses of your subconscious.

If you dig any of these sounds, please seek out their back catalog, whether on vinyl or digitally via the Matus Bandcamp page.

There is a long and proud history of Latin American psych rock; Matus are worthy successors to this tradition of esoteric sonic landscapes.


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