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Gameface, “I Owe You One” (Revelation Records, 2019)

There's something absolutely bright and sunny about Jeff Caudill's melodic sensibilities. It's almost like the Gameface vocalist/guitarist writes most of his songs for a playlist in his head titled "Summer Cruise to Huntington Beach," or something along those lines.

Just in time for summer, Gameface recently dropped "I Owe You One," a track that reminds me why I first fell in love with the band back in the '90s. The guitars are all shimmery and pretty, while the vocal lines are sticky and sweet, staying inside your head long after the song comes to a close. On the vocal front, Jeff's pipes are as strong as ever, and as always, definitely radio-ready.

The overall hookiness of "I Owe You One" is another testament to the fact that Gameface's failure to break through on a huge commercial level was one of the biggest letdowns of the late '90s rock era.

Photo: Liveage

The B-side of the "I Owe You One" single—"Two Gunslingers"—is also recommended. Both songs were recorded by Eric Stenman (Saves the Day, Senses Fail) at Black Bear 11 in Malibu, CA (naturally). With material this catchy, I really hope Gameface get back in the studio again and fatten up that discography a bit more.


"I Owe You One" b/w "Two Gunslingers" is available now on Bandcamp.

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