Gumm: Tennessee Hardcore Band Secures Label Deal

Photo: Reed Schick

There's an art to towing the line between the muscular guitar and rhythmic drive of hardcore punk with unconventional yet satisfying melodic hooks. Gumm are clearly deft practitioners of this stylistic balancing act. Based out of Chattanooga, TN, the quartet's 2018 Staring Through You EP is a must-listen for readers of this site who love emotional hardcore in the same aural spirit as bands like Give, Praise, and Sunstroke.

No Echo is pleased to announce that the folks at Dog Years Records have just welcomed Gumm to their growing label roster. The band will be hitting the road hard this spring and Dog Years Records will be issuing a new promo tape in the summer, so 2019 should be a fruitful one for the Tennessee outfit.

"We’re stoked to be working with Dog Years," Gumm vocalist Drew Waldon told me via email about the new union. "The way they operate and treat bands couldn’t be a more ideal fit for us right now. They’re super passionate and hardworking with a clearly defined DIY backbone which connects with us on a huge level. The partnership is perfect for what both the band and label have coming this year."

Check out Gumm's Twitter profile for more info on the band. Head to Dog Years Records' Bandcamp page to listen to their current releases.

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