Rexxx: Milwaukee Quintet Provides Power Pop Ear Candy with “Last Night” (PREMIERE)

Photo: John Sturdy

In addition to having a great band name, Rexxx also have a clear understanding on how to craft a killer power pop tune. 

Comprised of folks from the Milwaukee underground music scene who have also played in such groups as Sex Scenes, NO/NO, and King Eye & the Squirts, Rexxx pen tracks that bring to mind the kind of stuff heard on the wonderful D.I.Y.: Come Out And Play - American Power Pop (1975-78) compilation.

Though the 2020 lockdown killed off their touring plans last year, Big Neck Records has teamed up with Rexxx to give the band's debut album, Pure Pleasure II, the vinyl treatment next month.

To celebrate the Pure Pleasure II drop, the band recently recorded a cover of Aussie group The Scientists' classic track, “Last Night":

Rexxx vocalist Zach Otto told No Echo about their choice of cover:

"'Last Night' is a song we've talked about covering for awhile. It's really congruent with our sound and songwriting sensibilities and has a similar spirit to our latest album."

Pure Pleasure II will be released on vinyl May 7th via Big Neck Records.


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