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Fixed View, “End of Sacrifice” (2022)

Photo: James Scott

Jacksonville newcomers Fixed View clearly have a vision. The First Coast heavy hitters recently made their entrée into the hardcore world via Demo 2022. Dead set on immediately being a going concern, they’ve successfully got me digging into this three song EP, which quickly become the only resolution I care to keep. 

Opener “Resist” and the red and blue skewering served up on “State Sanctioned Violence” show that the band’s lyrical approach arrived in as full a form as the songs themselves. Deftly moving from crushing mid-paced groove to faster material, Fixed View is sure to please fans of everything from Three Knee Deep to Terror.

The demo concludes on an early year highlight, though, and it’s rad enough to get No Echo’s Song of the Day treatment.

“End of Sacrifice” is a veritable tour through the nascent group’s strengths. The discordance and urgency of the beginning build tension rarely seen with shit this heavy, but it adds a narrative weight that pummels once the first riff hits. The dissonant edge pairs well with their Hatebreed-esque melange of heavy hardcore and faster punk elements.

The tune is scythe sharp and tight, but the vocals add a bit of unpredictability, despite living in one lane. They manage enough tempo shifts to keep it moving and a breakdown crushing enough to please fans of the 315 brand of destruction peddled by Trail of Lies and their forebears. 

We’re still a month or so out from Fixed View even hitting stages. After decimating alongside some of hardcore’s bigs, I’m predicting they’ll be a household name. Get on board from the ground floor. I’m loving this and you should, too. Mind the gators. 

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