Song of the Day

Daylight Mourner, “Shadow of Doubt,” from Dystopia (Self-Released, 2015)

Post-punk is the sound of melancholia echoing through a vast valley of regret tempered with experience, strangely content amidst the inevitable futility of living in this Ice Age. The best practitioners of the genre have built upon shimmering, bittersweet layers, conveying the full range of dark passions underlying the human experience.

Case in point is NYC's Daylight Mourner.

The band's sound and vibe are a direct throwback to landmark LPs from the '80s like The Sound's From the Lions Mouth or The Comsat Angels' Sleep No More. Not that this is an exercise in retro posturing, but an honest continuation by musicians who clearly love this style and are steeped in its history. This video, shot in luminous black and white, at the palatial Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower in Brooklyn, is a perfect introduction to their sound: controlled passion infused with heartfelt vocals and nuanced instrumentation.

Download your copy of Daylight Mourner's new Dystopia EP on iTunes.

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