Regret: ‘00s Minnesota Hardcore Band to Release Discography in Tribute to Late Guitarist

From 2005-2008, Regret was a band representing for the Minneapolis hardcore scene. During their time together, the group released a demo, a six-song EP called Misery Brigade, and an unreleased EP called Hard Drugs that still managed to be spread around within hardcore collector circles.

Regret was led by Sean Lipinski, a guitarist and songwriter who would also go on to play in the bands Holding On and Sunset. Sadly, he passed away on December 27, 2022 following complications from an aggressive brain tumor, leaving behind an adoring wife and two beautiful daughters.

To celebrate Sean's life and musical legacy, Organized Crime Records will be releasing Regret: Discography 2005-2008, which collects everything the Minnesota hardcore band ever recorded. 100% of the proceeds from the LP will be donated to the Lipinski family.

The LP discography will be a one-time pressing on black vinyl by Organized Crime Records and shipped out by them. It will also include a digital download of the record.

Head to Organized Crime Records for the pre-order and more info.

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