Song of the Day

Combat Force, “Scumbag” (2017)

Props to Mark McCoy for turning me onto Combat Force via his Instagram page earlier this month. Hailing from Denver, the 4-piece outfit's 2017 demo sounds like it was tracked in a dingy basement, with the vocals being performed through a Radio Shack microphone. Yeah, this shit is raw as hell. But thing is, Combat Force (great name, by the way) play the kind of hardcore punk that sounds perfect in this kind of sonic setting.

"Scumbag" is a great introduction to Combat Force. The song's lyrics call someone out in a way that would make Paul Bearer proud, while the guitar riffs equal the menacing tone set forth by Alex B.'s vocal assault. The whole thing sounds scary. Plain and simple, this sounds like hardcore being played by a pack of mental patients.

Head to Combat Force's Bandcamp page to download their demo.

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