New Artist Focus: Gordita Beach

Photo: Leigh Martha Klinger

I was first introduced to Derrick Karg-Zamudio as a listener of the band Get Involved. My good buddy Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw, Men Women Children, Hussle Club) was posting about the band online, and it was incredible. The music was of course great, but the singing was fantastic.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and another buddy, Chris Enriquez (Spotlights, Primitive Weapons, Total Meltdown) emails me that I need to check out Gordita Beach, Derrick's solo band.

The single is unreal, and if you like 1-minute-ish punk songs you have to check him out. 

Here's a quick interview I did to introduce you all to Derrick. Hope you enjoy.

Introduce yourself to everyone.

Hi there. My name is Derrick Karg-Zamudio. I'm the lead singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and "drummer" for Gordita Beach and the lead singer/guitarist for Savage Youth, both based out of Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

"Crush" is a great song. I can't stop listening to it. How did you channel that amazing vibe, and how did you record it?

Thanks! I think with "Crush," as with all the rest of the songs on the demo, I've finally been able to be completely honest with myself and say what I really wanted to say. 

I think the vibe comes from speaking truth to power, not compromising, being truly enraged by the complete failure of the current monster in office, and his disgusting administration of cronies and cowards and channeling that into a 1-minute hardcore punk song.

And as a person of color, I wanted my voice heard and I wanted people to hear it from someone in their own community.

"Crush" and the rest of the songs were recorded in my room, in Garageband! All guitars and bass were D.I. and I simply used a drum loop because I don't know how to program drums [laughs].

Basically, I used what I had and made the best of my limitations. Also, all the female back-up vocals were recorded by my wife, Leigh Martha Klinger!

I love the music, but the vocals are what I'm leaning into more each time I listen. What’s inspiring the vocals?

Vocally, my main focus was being honest, and true to myself and what I was feeling. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't have any preconceived notions and let whatever was in me come out.

Lyrically, "Crush," like the others, was inspired by the song titles themselves. All the song titles ("Burn," "Choke," "Starve," "Press," "Drown") are references to how people/governments in power have persecuted, murdered, silenced, and otherwise brutalized minority groups throughout the centuries.

Specifically, how white America and white supremacists have terrorized BIPOC since this country was conquered. These are hardcore punk songs from a person of color's perspective. I'm Colombian, indigenous, and an immigrant, and I couldn't just sit by and be silent.

Children are in cages. Black, Brown, and Transgender lives are being taken. People are being denied their basic human rights and others are cheering about it. There is something deeply wrong here.

"Crush" is a call to arms. A call for people to unite against hatred, ignorance, white supremacy, and apathy. And not back down.

Photo: David Orr

Do you have plans/goals for the demo you can tell us about?

Yeah, I would love to get a band together, and go into the studio and do a proper recording. I miss shows so much, and punk needs to be seen and felt live.

Are there gonna be any more single releases in the future?

Yes! I'm going to be self-releasing singles until I run out of songs or we can finally go see concerts again.


Check out Gordita Beach's Soundcloud page for more music.


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