Your Spirit Dies: South Carolina Metalcore Unit Drops “Blistered Sentience” Music Video

Photo: Zack Allen

Your Spirit Dies made their No Echo debut back in 2020 around the time they released their debut EP, The Process of Grief. The South Carolina-based quintet brings to mind the golden era of Trustkill Records, bringing forward a metalcore sound that they infuse with swaths of H8000-like riffing and big breakdown sections.

Since then, Your Spirit Dies released a second EP late last year called Our Saints Drown In Ash, introducing some melody into the mix, but don't worry, there aren't any radio-rock-baiting choruses anywhere to be found.

With the band currently out on a month-long US tour with Mychildren Mybride, No Cure, Mugshot, and Extortionist, the Your Spirit Dies crew have made a music video for EP track "Blistered Sentience." The song features guest vocals from Joe Musten of Advent.

"A lot of the footage was taken from the record release show for Our Saints Drown In Ash at Board Ryders Club in Greenville, South Carolina," said the band in an email. "Video credit goes out to Robbie Grantham (Angle Media), Zack Allen and Jesse Ray Davis."

Your Spirit Dies vocalist Brandon Byars commented on the song:

“Honestly, I was sitting watching 'American Psycho' and was like … well damn, that line’s pretty hard. So I took some influence from the ending monologue and wrote the rest of the lyrics to follow. It’s a pretty straight forward, hateful song, both lyrically and musically. Where most of the other songs on the record are kinda technical, this is just one of those simpler ones where the focus is more on groove.”

Our Saints Drown In Ash is available now via The Coming Strife.


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