While We Wait, While We Wait (Wardance Records, 2016)

Featuring Andy Guida (Supertouch, Altercation, Running Like Thieves, Absolution) and Matt Warnke (Bold, Running Like Thieves, etc.), While We Wait plays uptempo hardcore with a heavy emphasis on melody. Recorded at Guida's Six III Studio in Queens, NY, While We Wait's three-song debut 7" just hit stores courtesy of No Echo contributor Freddy Alva's own Wardance Records.

The 7" kicks off with "King's Ransom," a track that features a few tempo shifts and interesting guitar riff transitions. It's a dynamic song that keeps pulsating forward 'til around the 1:40 mark, where it breaks down and slows the speed up for its closing minutes. "By Now You Should Know Right From Wrong" is a barnburner with a skate punk feel in its verse sections. Warnke's vocals have a lot of personality to them, and suit the song's lyrical bite and punk vibe. "All the Plans You Made" falls a bit more in the classic NYHC mold that Guida and Warnke cut their teeth in.

I know Guida is very busy running his studio and engineering a ton of recording sessions, but I'd love to see While We Wait continue to work together and make a proper full-length in the near future.

Check out Freddy Alva's 2015 interview with Andy Guida to find out more about his various projects.

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