Deluzion: New Jersey Group Combines Their Love for Hardcore & Horror via Debut Release

Deluzion is a new hardcore unit based out of Central New Jersey I wanted to bring to your attention. "The band formed during the thick of the lockdowns," vocalist Nick Traina tells me. "It was formed between some of the members of my previous band that fell apart after the lockdowns and some friends I had met from work.

"We started getting together and jamming just as a way to keep ourselves sane through the pandemic, and decided we had one goal in mind. We wanted to make something dark and heavy. Something we felt like wasn’t really being done in our local scene."

Obviously, the aformentioned lockdown situations didn't help the live music community, but from what Nick says, things particularly got screwed in Deluzion's backyard: "Our local scene definitely has suffered post COVID. A lot of classic venues shot down and the scene it self definitely started to lose momentum. Things are slowly picking back up in recent months."

Deluzion's debut comes via a 3-song demo that finds the band delivering a blend of moshy metallic hardcore with death metal-tinged guitar riffs and big mosh-friendly parts:

"Our sound is definitely heavily influenced by bands old and new like Kickback, Division of Mind, All Out War, and God's Hate. I call it a mix between '90s metallic hardcore meets modern evil mosh," laughs Nick.

"We all listen to a ton of hardcore so little influences from all over tend to bleed in. But the overall goal of the band was to create something very dark and heavy and honestly, horror inspired. You can probably get that from our artwork and the samples we incorporate.

"The whole band has a mutual love for horror, especially the extreme side. So that was a personal goal of mine was to sort of mix my love of hardcore and horror into one."

Cassette version of the Deluzion demo

Nick gives some props before our conversation comes to a close: "Shackled has definitely been carrying the torch when it comes to NJHC. They’re friends of ours, basically all from the same area here in Central Jersey. Some other bands from the area to check out include Greater Pain, Roseblood, On Sight, Departed, and Gloves Off."

The Deluzion demo is available on cassette through 1648 Records and across all streaming platforms. 


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