Prison Suicide: Michigan Hardcore Band Slices Heads Off on “Been Sick” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Cam Truppa

It's been over 3 years since No Echo last covered Prison Suicide. The last time we checked in on the Michigan hardcore combo, they were promoting their eponymous 2018 album. Since then, Prison Suicide released a split EP with Chicago's Porcupine.

Prison Suicide has been at it since 2014, specializing in a no-nonsense, ripping strain of hardcore punk that balances speed with mid-tempo stomp parts that surely go over bonkers when they play out. Speaking of which, the band played their first post-lockdown gig with Last Gasp and Bitter Truth last month in Detroit, and from all accounts, the night was full of mosh.

No Echo is happy to share the news that Prison Suicide has teamed up with Chicago hardcore label Another City Records to release a self-titled 7-inch. How about we take a listen to "Been Sick," a properly titled track from the forthcoming EP:

Pre-orders for the Prison Suicide 7-inch go live this Friday (Sept. 3th) via Another City Records. The digital outlets will have the EP on Sept. 4th, and you can hit this link to save it on Spotify.

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