Video Prick, Demo 2019 (Forever Never Ends Records, 2020)

Hardcore demos are some of the best pieces of music. They are raw in lyrical content, never over produced, and they all have something to prove. With that being said, let me introduce you to Video Prick’s Demo 2019.

The band hails from Seattle and is still in its infancy. “Video Prick is still a little less than a year old,” guitarist Che Hise-Gattone explains. “I think we finally started jamming in May or June of 2019 but the songs were mostly written in April of that year, except the last track, 'Battery,' which was a song we recycled from a band our vocalist Chad and I had played in together in 2014 called TRRASH.”

Che continued to elaborate on the formation of Video Prick. “VP started forming when the main band our other guitarist Alex and I play in was on tour, he and I had been talking about doing another band, and I had been looking for an excuse to start jamming with Mason cuz I didn't know him very well but I knew he ripped at drums, and our bassist Brandon and I's last project had just stopped so our night at our practice space opened up and it all just came together after that.”

The demo was recorded in Seattle by Cameron Heck. The band would come into the studio in the evening, set up the room, and do a couple of takes of each song.  The vocals were completed later by the band’s singer Chad in one take. This unfiltered process shows in the final product.  

The four songs that make up Video Prick’s Demo 2019 are searing.

The vocals snarl like a rabid dog snapping his/her jowls at the throat of life’s frustrations, while the lyrics are pleas for freedom from those frustrations.

They are embedded into a wall of guitar feedback that add a cobra like hiss to the songs. They are relentless and striking. Lastly, the drums really whip the songs forward. They push the tempo and momentum of the four songs that blitzkriegs the listener. Hise-Gattone summed it up well when he told me that Video Prick are “fasty and nasty”.  

Photo: Michael Mygind

Demo 2019 was released as a 7” back in January of this year through Forever Never Ends Records. When the pandemic ends, Video Prick wants to get back to writing and recording fastier and nastier songs, and touring around the Northwest again.  

I cannot wait to hear what this band creates next, but, until then, check out the band’s demo and stew in some Youth Attack-inspired Northwest hardcore

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