Think Twice: Dallas–Fort Worth Hardcore Scene Births a New Straight Edge Outfit

2021 has sprouted a ton of new hardcore bands, and Think Twice from Texas is one of the latest. "We formed weeks before the COVID-19 shutdown," guitarist Zane Daniel told No Echo through email. 

"It had been years since there was a straight edge band from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and it’s something we had all wanted to do for sometime. Stephen [Harrison] told me he can play drums and that we should work on something, and I’d had some songs that I had been sitting on for sometime to work with.

"After lots of lineup changes, song tweaks, and delays due to the lockdown and the inevitable wrenches life tends to throw into your plans, we finally got a solid lineup and flushed out all of 4 songs to record," said Zane, who sings in the band Formula in addition to his guitar duties in Think Twice.

The Think Twice demo came out this past month:

"I'd describe it as barebones, fast, and to the point," Think Twice singer Daniel wrote No Echo. "Something for the kids. I know it's Stephen and I's first band, so there was a lot of trial and error we had to go through. As far as lyrics go, I was listening to a lot of different stuff for inspiration. Track 4 ('Search and Destroy') was literally just me listening to Detain and Rage Against the Machine, a few of the lines in the song are just RATM track titles [laughs].

"I was also listening to a lot of Point of Contact, Agitator, Unbroken, Kickback, and Seed of Pain. Most of writing this demo was just taking the pissed off music I was listening to at the time for inspiration and making it fit into a Youth Crew-y band without sounding out of place. I gotta say, though, I'm pretty happy with the end result."

Photo: Bennett Lambert

Think Twice drummer Stephen wanted to make sure they showed love for these other musical groups from their region: 

"Some bands from the area to check out would definitely be Ozone, Something You’re Not, Urn, Gagging Order, Sheer Force, Vanguard, Monument of Fear, Life Force, Frozen Soul, History Repeats, Creeping Death, Link by Link, and the Kinky Bastards."

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