Facewreck: Pittsburgh Band Brings Mosh + Fun Energy on “Losin’ My Cool” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Matthew Burditt

Formed in 2018 with the intent to bring in some fun and light-hearted energy to the heavier side of the hardcore spectrum, Facewreck is a band that will surely upset some of the scene's more uptight members. But that kind of negativity isn't going to stop the Pittsburgh-based outfit. "The ultimate goal is to provide something that other bands are not and cannot," says AJ P. Worrell, Facewreck's animated frontman. Fusing hip-hop elements into their songwriting blueprint is perhaps the biggest bone of contention many people will have with Facewreck's approach, not that AJ is backing down: 

"Ultimately, this is never going to be studied by any musical scholars. We do hope to keep things refreshing and surprising, however, and maybe stay a bit ahead of the curve with what you might expect from Facewreck." 

While 2019 saw the release of an EP entitled Sortin' Fools Out, Facewreck will be issuing a series of singles throughout the course of 2020, which will eventually culminate in a full-length compilation album being released at the end of the year. So, to close out 2019 and get things moving into the new year, the band has teamed with No Echo to premiere the music video for a new track called "Losin' My Cool." The song features guest scratching from SLCC aka Scumlip Checkerchamp:

"This is our first video without lyrical subtitles so pay attention," AJ tells No Echo. "The song is essentially about refusing to allow anyone to ruin hardcore, or anything I suppose, for you. There isn't a day that passes where I don't stumble upon something that makes me somewhat embarrassed to still be participating in this insane thing called hardcore. At the end of the day, though, I have to remind myself that this will always be more mine than theirs.

"In the past, I would have allowed what I hated to diminish the things I care so deeply about. But after 20 years, I've decided that this is mine and it's worth fighting for. I love hardcore."

Photo: Jeff Lasich

As for the decision to release singles instead of a traditional studio album in one clip, AJ offers: "We actually write riffs so we would hate to waste any on songs that might never see real-life pit response." He continues to say, "there is one song on our most recent EP that has never been played live to this point; why did I even write it if no one will ever throw a CIA Spinkick to it?!?"

"Losin' My Cool" is available on Spotify and all of the other usual digital outlets. Facewreck social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp


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